When life gets in the way…

I haven’t posted in over a month and I miss it!

I just wanted to say that I haven’t gone away, and intend to return to this blog shortly with weekly posts.

The past two months have been a little crazy because…we bought a house! A cute, old Spanish-style bungalow in the same neighborhood we’ve been renting in for the past six years. Old being the key word…the house is a bit of a fixer-upper so all of my free time in the past few weeks has been dedicated to patching plaster walls, sanding kitchen cabinets, etc. Not to mention it’s the busiest time of year at my relatively new job.

So, just wanted to reach out and let you know I will be back! I’ll be sharing some pictures of our kitchen renovation. I am sad to be losing my butcher block island which has starred in so many of the photos on this blog, but I think what we’ve got planned will be fun. I can’t wait to experiment with the lighting options in the new kitchen.

What have we been eating during this time? There’s been a few rounds of delivered pizza and burritos from the corner taco shop, and actually a lot of dinners out with both of our families. And food that I’m just not interested in sharing. Oh and cleaning out the freezer/pantry. This works two-fold in saving some money and having less food to move into the new house.

But I know for a lot of you out there, what to eat during the busy times is what you’re looking for to be inspired! So here’s a brief summary of what’s been cooked lately:

  • A few thai currys – no real recipe, usually shrimp, chopped up veggies, 2 tsp of curry paste and 1/2 can of coconut milk
  • Grilled chicken or fish and grilled vegetables – usually only seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • One delicious riff on a caprese salad with nectarines
  • Fajitas – which enabled us to eat quesadillas for dinner and fajita salads for lunch all week – an easy win!
  • Sheet pan dinners consisting of a protein and whatever veggies are lying around, salt, pepper, olive oil, a 400 degree oven and you’re good to go

I hope to be settled into my new kitchen soon with more to share. I hope your summers were great and you’ve been eating well.

Until next time!


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