Making Sushi with Sushi on a Roll

Recently one of my friends organized a cooking class for her birthday at Sushi on a Roll. We had such a blast talking with Chef Jeff about his love of sushi, and learning how to roll our own rolls. We got to make California Krab Rolls and Spicy Tuna hand rolls.DSC_0866First thing is to start with good rice. Did you know that sushi means rice?

  • Wash your sushi rice until the water runs clear to pull out all of the excess starch
  • Cook your sushi rice with a little bit less water than you normally use to cook rice, since the rice has already absorbed some water from the rinsing process. This will be different for everyone, depending on your rice, your water, and your rice cooker so experiment to find out what works best for your set up.
  • Cool the rice. If you’ve ever noticed the giant bamboo bowl behind the sushi counter at your favorite restaurant, that’s where they cool the rice by periodically fanning it and stirring it to speed up the cooling process. It will take about 2 hours to cool.
  • Add vinegar to the rice to keep it from attracting any bacteria. Use about 4 Tb of vinegar to 5 c of rice.

Sushi Roll:

  • Break your seaweed in half long ways to end up with two rectangles.
  • IMG_0312Set the seaweed on your work surface rough side up
  • Wet your hand, and take a baseball size of rice. Smash this evenly across the rough surface of the seaweed roll
  • Flip over so rice side is on the bottom. Lay your fillings in a narrow row in the middle of the seaweed. For our California Krab Roll we had 2 slices of avocado and 2 spears of krab meat.
  • Using your bamboo mat, start to roll up the sushi roll nice and tight. Press it tightly over the top, then align the sides of the roll with each side of the mat and press to make it even. IMG_0316
  • To cut, dip a sharp, non-serrated knife into water. Cut in half, align halves together, cut in half again, and each half in half to get 8 evenly sized slices. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds.
  • When plating the sushi, turn the end pieces pretty side up. The outer edge will look noticeably different.


Hubby and I both got kudos on rolling our rolls really tight. We’re on our way to becoming sushi chefs!

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

  • Use one wet hand and one dry hand.
  • Place seaweed half in dry hand, rough side facing out.
  • Dip other hand in water, and grab a golfball sized handful of rice. Start in the bottom corner and press rice up in a diagonal.
  • Add a golfball sized handful of spicy tuna mixture (diced tuna and siracha) and align along the inside.
  • Roll up the seaweed on a diagonal. Grab a small bit of rice to use to seal your roll.

IMG_0322Chef Jeff also made for us some shrimp nigiri and albacore sashimi served on a chilled salt block.DSC_0861He also demonstrated how to filet a whole salmon.DSC_0882


Overall great fun! I look forward to more opportunities to learn more about the beautiful art of making sushi.

*Shout out to my friend Sandy for scheduling and for sharing some great photos!


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