Salmon Burgers with a Green Garlic Sauce – Hello Spring!

Yesterday was the debut of the Adams Avenue Farmer’s Market. Let me tell you I had been counting down the days. Finally, a Farmer’s Market I could easily walk to!  I headed over yesterday and was excited to see what was in store. I made my way down the rows, tasting as I went.  Nibbles of pita bread and every kind of hummus imaginable, unbelievably sweet apricots and peaches for being May, Thai cocount pancakes, you get the picture. I was really impressed by some salmon burgers. I was given a sample of the burger with a little bit of a dijon aioli sauce.  Delish!  This was pretty early in my trip, yet I returned to buy some patties to take home because they were still lingering in my mouth.

I wandered some more and came across some green garlic, which I’ve heard about but never tried. This in particular was green elephant garlic.  I set some of that aside, browsed some leafy greens, and almost accidentally threw some curly endive in my bag as well. Since I’ve never had green garlic or curly endive, I headed back home to do a little research.

This article in The New York Times had a few recipes, including one for a Green Garlic Dipping Sauce for artichokes. While I don’t agree with the author at all (he doesn’t like garlic!) I did like this recipe. Suggested as a possible sauce for bitter greens and seafood, I was inspired to make a meal to incorporate all of my fresh ingredients.  And use some of the ciabatta loaf sitting on the counter.

Tonight’s Menu: Salmon burgers on ciabatta bread with avocado, a green garlic sauce, endive leaves, and grilled onions, with a side salad of grilled endive dressed with more sauce.

Turned out pretty well.  The sauce, endives, and salmon all went really well together. Unfortunately, there was a lot of bread!  I ended up taking off the top half so that I could actually taste the goodies inside. Next time (and there will be a next time as there are 2 more patties in my freezer) I will either (a) make open faced sandwiches, or (b) use half as much bread, slice the salmon patties in half, and stack them on top of each other to make a thicker filling to match the thick bread.

The green garlic sauce called for a lot of olive oil, so I made a few adjustments. Here’s my take on it:

3/4 c green garlic, sliced and simmered in boiling water for 5 min

1 egg

1 tsp sherry

5 tsp red wine vinegar

1 Tb dijon mustard

6 Tb olive oil

It was so nice to come home after 7 and have it still be light enough to BBQ a fresh, springy dinner.


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