Braised Short Ribs

I have been wanting to make braised short ribs since my mom mentioned she made them a few weeks ago.  All week it was cold, and these just sounded so good.  I had President’s day off, and planned on making them then since I would have plenty of time. Of course, it turned out to be a beautiful day, not chilly at all.  It was kind of funny to spend an afternoon at the beach, then come home and make such a cold weather, comfort food meal. This is why I love San Diego.

The recipe I used was this one here from Giada.  I just love her!  Instead of serving the ribs over tagliatelli, I served them over mashed red potatoes. I also cut the recipe in half, and used boneless short ribs. I really loved the addition of the pancetta.

Doesn't necessarily look too appetizing, but it was tasty!

The short ribs turned out so yummy!  So flavorful, and comforting, and a great pair with the mashed potatoes. Definately something that would warm you up on a cold day – or still taste delicious after bike riding at the beach.  I knew this would be a favorite when I found Randy eating the rest of the meat straight out of the pot after dinner!


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