Ambitious Indian Menu

My wonderful aunt has requested some Indian recipes.  Awhile ago, I received a fun cookbook of Indian recipes from a fellow food-loving friend. The book is called Best Ever Indian Cookbook. The first time Randy and I attempted to cook something out of it, we went all out and made a full meal from start to finish.  This was quite a feat in my old, tiny kitchen with absolutely no counter space.  I think we used every pot and pan I had!  The menu was Onion Bahjias, Chicken Tikka Masala, Nan, Masala Beans with Fenugreek, and a dessert of Chile and Mustard Flavored Pineapple. I do remember the meal was absolutely delicious.  It was really fun to step out of our comfort zone and cook something that we usually only would get at a restaurant.  Now, we definitely prefer cooking Indian food at home, where we can have some idea of what we are actually eating.

Look for the individual recipes in upcoming posts, as well as others I have enjoyed.


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