Family Dinner

Randy and I spent the weekend searching apple recipes, and settling on a favorite we made last year for dinner with my parents.  This is something he often teases me about, the fact that I will make something amazing and never make it again because I get too excited about new recipes!  As far as faults go, I suppose this is a good one.

The menu settled to:  Appetizer of heirloom tomatoes tossed with an easy viniagrette, brined pork chops with a spiced apple sauce, sautéed green beans from that mornings farmers market, roasted red potatoes with rosemary and parmesan cheese, followed by a home made apple pie for dessert.

The pork chop recipe I took from Tyler Florence’s ULTIMATE cookbook. The pork chops soak in a brine for 2 hours, making them fall-apart-in-your-mouth tender.

I was happy to use up many apples from the previous weekend’s pickings.  I was also proud of myself for realizing that these fresh apples were much sweeter than the green ones I usually use for the pie, and cut out a lot of the sugar I usually use.

It was so much fun to have my mom, dad, and grandma come visit me at my new house, and compliment me on my cooking skills.  We had a wonderful evening of food, family, and fun.


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  1. Keep it coming…. I love hearing what you are doing. and eating….”)


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