A Taste of Autumn – Oktoberfest and Apples in Julian

For those of us who live in Southern California, there is not much in the way of seasons.  Yes its October, but it still feels like June.  To get a bit of that fall color you see elsewhere (and really, just a bit) many head out to the mountains on the eastern edge of San Diego.  Which is exactly where I was headed this past weekend.

Randy and I took a day trip to Julian for their Oktoberfest.  Note to self, go a different weekend!  Julian is always crowded this time of year- like I said before, it’s pretty much the only place that remotely feels like fall – but this was especially packed!  The Oktoberfest was pretty cool.  They had music, and we got some delicious bratwurst and sauerkraut, but I think for future trips we’ll go a different weekend.

While in Julian we also picked up apple pies for the parents.  Julian is semi-famous for their apple pies, so it would be horrible to skip them.  Did a little browsing of the country themed shops, and walked around almost enjoying the old-towny feel of the place.  I say almost because of the crowds.

The best part of the day was that on the way home we stopped at an orchard.  I was hoping to get to walk around and pick my own apples, but at this point in the season they have all already been harvested.  Randy didn’t get my fascination with picking them, reminding me that we can pick fruit off of his trees all summer.  I still forget about that.  We did get to buy a bag and fill it with as many apples and pears as we wanted.  I loved that we got a chance to taste all of the apples that they offer before selecting them.  I filled up a giant basket and am looking forward to finding many apple-inspired recipes.

We finished off our day picking lemons at Randy’s house, sending me home with tons of fresh produce.

Lemon Tree at Randy's


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